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From our ceo

“IG Shipping & Forwarding (Melaka) Sdn Bhd has been a company that I have poured all my love and soul into when I founded it. This is the company that I'ved envision to achieve greatness and be a landmark in the state of Melaka as one of the most successful locally owned company in Melaka, Malaysia.

With great relation and ties with connections from all over the world, I hope that we can provide the best ever service for all of our clients and your satisfaction is my highest priority.

Dato Sri Ahmad Khairul Mohd Noor

Chief Executive Officer

Managing Director



Chief Corporate Officer


YBrs Tuan Muhd Afiq Musa

Having a solid background in corporate sales and marketing, coupled with being a graduate from Malaysia's esteemed Multimedia University (MMU), we are proud to have this exceptional gentleman as one of our esteemed shareholders. He is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing public and corporate affairs for our company. His vast knowledge and expertise in the field are truly commendable, having successfully spearheaded numerous marketing campaigns and sales initiatives. Notably, his exceptional communication skills be it in English or Russian and strategic mindset have enabled him to establish robust connections with both internal and external stakeholders. Furthermore, his educational background in multimedia has equipped him with the necessary skills to effectively utilise digital platforms for marketing and communication purposes. With unwavering dedication, he is wholeheartedly committed to driving the company's growth and ensuring its esteemed reputation within the industry.


Chief Finance Officer

Datin Sri Dr. Nur Qurratu’aini

Dr Ratu is the epitome of an ideal Chief Finance Officer. We can rely on her without a doubt. With her impressive doctorate from University Malaya (UM), we can rest assured that our organization is in capable hands. Her vast knowledge and experience in finance make her an invaluable asset to our team. Moreover, her impeccable analytical skills and meticulous attention to detail guarantee that our financial strategies are always well-thought-out and flawlessly executed. Dr Ratu's knack for adapting to ever-changing market trends and making informed decisions has consistently resulted in our company's financial triumph.


Our Team


International Grade Shipping & Forwarding

(Melaka)Sdn Bhd

Operations Manager

Azrul Ikmal Jawahir


Shipping Executive

Muhamad Azami

Shipping Executive

Hishammuddin Mohd Yusof

Sales & Marketing Executive

Muhammad Afiq Zulkiffli

What We Do

We are a registered international oil trader, shipping and forwarding agency. With more then 40 years accumulated combined experience, you can surely be rest assured that we got you covered in every sector in the marine industry.

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oil trade


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STS Plot


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Shipping & forwarding


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Due Diligence

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Up-to-Date Market


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24/7 Support


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Reliable Team

Why us for

Oil trade ?

With experience in consultations and successful clients, we can surely cater your oil needs. We source from direct access to refineries and multiple solutions to all of your troubles in procuring any commodity that you seek.


> 30M Depth


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Tug Boats

> 2,500 HP

oil spillage

Spill Rescue


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24/7 Support


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Reliable Team

Why use our STS plot ?


We possess a vast reservoir of expertise in STS operations, boasting a plot draft exceeding 30 meters and predominantly tranquil waters. We offer comprehensive facilities to cater to all your needs. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring the smooth and efficient execution of every operation. With state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology, we guarantee the highest level of safety and reliability. Whether you require fuel transfer, cargo handling, or any other STS service, we have the capabilities to meet your requirements.

Our core shipping services


Agency Services

A wide spectrum of port agency services.


Heavy Lift Operator

All your heavy lifting needs, we can provide.



Fulfill your international safety obligations.

Oil Tanker Ship


Logistics & Supply Chain

Dont look elsewhere, we have all your provision needs covered.


Sts Ops



oil trade









Client Testimonials

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A trusted company, they explained everything from A-Z without me ever needing to ask them to.

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My crew always gets the best quality provisions. A happy crew means a smooth vessel and surely a happy captain myself.

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Aminuddin ismail

Dagang mantap sdn bhd

Capt. aSLAM

Makmur marine sdn bhd

They cater all my needs, I have never had a peace of mind as such they have given me.

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Banjob sakunee

proud logistics

pte ltd


Shipping clients

EA Technique (M) Berhad

Jasa merin (Malaysia )

sdn bhd

Orkim sdn bhd


forwarding clients

SPP International Sdn Bhd

Temedor International Sdn bhd

edipro c&E

pte ltd

Our local

Trade partners

Petronas Berhad

Shell (M) Berhad

Petron Malaysia Refining & Marketing Bhd


Malaysia Embassy, Astana,


Malaysia embassy,



With the special officer for the prime minister of kazakhstan


Presindential Chief of STAFF, JAKARTA,


TYT of Melaka

Melaka State Takraw

team sponsorship

The company you surely can trust.

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